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University Holdings

The Engracia de Jesus Matthias Archives & Special Collections
Algoma University has developed its important collection of archival resource materials through the generosity of donors in and from the Algoma region. This includes materials relating to Algoma University, the Algoma region, regionally signficant individuals and organizations, and community organizations.

Substantial or important university-related fonds d'archives include:

Significant private archives at Algoma University include the many fonds d'archives within the Anglican Diocese of Algoma archives.  More information about the Anglican Diocese of Algoma archives can be found here.

Significant private, individual fonds d'archives include:

A full list of holdings can be browsed here:


We encourage donations of papers, photographs, ephemera, books, audio-visual material, and other items that are related directly to Algoma University and the Algoma region. This includes items from faculty, staff, students, and alumni, as well as persons in the community, institutions and associations. We weclome donations that enhance the strengths of existing archival collections and support the teaching and research programs at Algoma University.  For more information about donating to the Algoma University Archives please contact us.


The Arthur A. Wishart Library is a member of the following archival organizations: the Association of Canadian Archivists, the Society of American Archivists, the Archives Association of Ontario, and the Anglican Church of Canada Archives.