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Board of Governors fonds

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Algoma University College (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.). Board of Governors.

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1.50 m of textual records

Fonds is arranged chronologically by subject file.
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The origins of the current Board of Governors may be traced back to the unincorporated Algoma Junior College Association formed in 1960 by concerned citizens interested addressing the lack of post-secondary educational facilities in Sault Ste. Marie. In 1964, on the advice of the provincial Advisory Committee on University Affairs, the Association incorporated as the Algoma College Association and received Letters Patent on October 23, 1964. The Minister of University Affairs approved a proposed affiliation with Laurentian University on February 1, 1965. and the formal agreement with Laurentian University was executed on December 17, 1965. The management and control of Algoma University College was vested in Board of Directors of the Association/ corporation. The Board employed the administrative officers and oversaw college operations.

In January 1974, the Board of Directors informally created a Board of Governors of the college and appointed persons to the Board. The management of the college as distinct from that of the corporation was delegated to the Board of Governors; membership included faculty, student, faculty association, and alumni representation. This action was repeated in January 1975 and January 1976; however, although this new Board managed and supervised the college between 1974 and 1976, the Board of Director's actions were without legal basis and contrary to the Ontario Corporations Act. From time to time the Board of Directors had also delegated its authority to its Executive Committee, which was also contrary to Statute. On the advice of Commissioner John Whiteside, QC, the Board of Directors disbanded both the Board of Governors and Executive Committee on June 4, 1976 and resumed management and supervision of the college. On the recommendations of Commissioner Whiteside, the Board of Directors disbanded under Supplementary Letters Patent issued by the provincial government and a Board of Trustees was established to assume all aspects of the management of Algoma College Association and Algoma University College in 1977 with the Chair, Dr. D. G. Howell, acting as college CEO.

In 1978, a faculty Trustee, Dr. Robert G. Ewing, was appointed Dean to oversee the daily academic and business matters of the college, as Dr. Howell also lived and worked in Southern Ontario. The trusteeship remained in effect and was expanded to include student, faculty, staff and community members until 1986, when it was re-consituted as the Board of Governors of Algoma University College. As of 2007, the following pieces of legislation govern the Board of Governors: the original Letters Patent dates 23 October 1964 of the Corporation and Supplementary Letters Patent of 24 August 1976, 9 November 1978, 4 September 1986, 7 April 1988 and 2 November 1990.

The following persons have been Chairs of the various boards controlling Algoma University College: Lawrence Brown (1965-1974), Dr. J. M. Cameron (1974-1975), John Thompson Stubbs (1975-1977), Dr. D. G. Howell (1977-1985), Gerald E. Nori, BA, LLB (1986-1994), Nicholas J. Hirt, P.Eng. (1994-1996), Sharon M. J. Selkirk, BA, MBA (1996-2000), and C. J. (Bud) Wildman, BA (2000-2009), Brady Irwin (2009-2011), Tim Lavoie (2011-2014), Armando Plastino (2014-2016), Asima Vezina (2016-2017), Mark Nogalo (2017- )

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The fonds comprises the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Governors of Algoma College Association (1964-1974, 1976), Board of Governors of Algoma University College (1974-1976) [delegated by the Board of Directors], Board of Trustees of Algoma University College (1977-1986), and the Board of Governors of Algoma University College (1986- ).

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Records in accruals 2007-001, 2007-028, 2007-040 were placed in storage in the library's archives room after 1984 and before 2006.  The records were appraised for retention by Ken Hernden in 2007.  Materials in accessions 2008-017, 2008-021 were appraised for retention by Ken Hernden in 2008.  Accrual 2009-004 was transferred to Algoma University Archives by Bruce Gordon in 2009. Materials in accessions 2009-013 were appraised for retention by Ken Hernden in 2008. Accrual 2013-075 was transferred to Algoma University Archives by the Registrar, Mr. Richard McCutcheon. Accrual 2015-031 was transferred to Algoma University Archives by the Secretary to the Board in Spring 2015.

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