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» Algoma College administration correspondence

Algoma College administration correspondence

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1974 December 4 - 1976 August 23
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.8 cm of textual record


Content note : Letter from H. N. Gardezi, to All Faculty Members, November 22, 1971|Letter from John T. Stubbs, to Professor H. Gardezi, December 4, 1974|Appointment Principles and Procedures, March 14, 1975|Notice of Meeting of Faculty Council|Letter from A. Sharman, to Dr. Donald Watkins, June 3, 1975|Policy Regarding Board of Govenors Policy Statements, June 19, 1975|Letter from Andrew W. Hepburn, to Professor A. Sharman, June 20, 1975|Letter from Hassan Gardezi, to Professor Victor W. Sim, June 27, 1975|Letter from Donald Watkins, to Mr. Abdur Rauf, July 14, 1975|Letter from John T. Stubbs, to Professor Hassan Gardezi, July 14, 1975|Comments on the Report of the Tenure Appeals Committee of Algoma University College In The Case of Dr. Hassan N. Gardezi|Letter from R. V. d' Amato, to All Faculty|Background/Context for the Attached Documents|Letter explaining not re-appointing an individual, July 16, 1976|Letter from Hassan Gardezi, to John T. Stubbs, July 17, 1975|Letter from John T. Stubbs, to Dr. Douglas Goldsack, July 23, 1975|Letter to Dr. H. Gardezi, July 26, 1976|Letter from D. Goldsack, to Mr. J. T. Stubbs, August 5, 1975|Letter from D. Watkins, to Dr. H. N. Gardezi, August 5, 1975|Letter to Hassan, August 23, 1976|Letter from Hassan Gardezi, to Dr. Donald Watkins, September 2, 1975|Statement from Hassan Gardezi, September 16, 1975

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Residential School Centre
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