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St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church (Thunder Bay, Ont.)

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church (Thunder Bay, Ont.) is part of the single-point St. John the Evangelist Anglican Parish (Thunder Bay, Ont.). This church used to be considered part of Port Arthur, Ontario.

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church and rectory were established in 1872 and is the 'mother church' of the Thunder Bay Deanery. St. John's was the first Anglican Church established in the Thunder Bay region. Through the work of the early clergy five other parishes (St. James Murillo, St. Thomas, St. Luke's, St. Michael's, and St. George) were founded in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The original church buildings were frame construction and located on Pearl Street, Thunder Bay, Ont. In 1881 a fire destroyed both the church and the rectory building.

A new church was built at a cost of $7,500 and was ready for use in 1884. The architect for the new church was R.J. Edward of Port Arthur and the building was William Fryer, of Collingwood, Ontario. On July 27, 1884 Right Rev. Edward Sullivan, Bishop of Algoma, consecrated the new church building. 

In 1887 the church relinquished its missions in Oliver, Fort William, and West Fort, becoming a self-supporting parish.

In 1894, Mrs. H. Lyke generously donated a new furnace to the parsonage. 1894 was also the year the church’s Women’s Auxiliary was formed, with Mrs. F. E. Gibbs as chair, and the presence of Rev. W. J. Webster (Locum Tenens) between the incumbency of Canon C.J. Machin and Rev. Charles Bradshaw. The Parochial Guild and the Women’s Auxiliary came together as one organization in 1935.

In 1934 under the guidance of Rev. A. J. Bull the church was completed renovated and refurnished. In 1940 the parish hall was enlarged and a rectory was built. A new entrance for the church was constructed in 1954. During the summer of 1961 a new ventilation system was installed, electrical wiring was renewed, and the church interior was refinished. In January of 1967 a new rectory was opened at 131 Blanchard St., Port Arthur. The former rectory on the lot next to the church hall was remodeled to provide additional office and education space.

The church celebrated its 50th anniversary of the Women’s Auxiliary in 1944, and the 75th anniversary of the church just three years later, complete with burning the parish hall and rectory mortgages.

On June 5, 1983 St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church (Thunder Bay, Ont.) was designed as a regimental church for the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment.

Incumbents and rectors who have served St. John the Evangelist include: Rev. C. B. Dundas (1872), Rev. J. K. McMorine (1877-1885), Rev. J. C. Machin (1885-1893), Rev. R. Renison (1892), Rev. W. C. Bradshaw (1894-1895), Rev. J. W. Thursby (1897-1905), Rev. Canon Charles W. Hedley (1905-1916), Rev. F. G. Sherring (1911), Rev. F. W. Colloton (1916-1917), Rev. John Leigh (1917-1920), Rev. O. L. Jull (1920), Rev. J. F. Southarn (1920-1921), Rev. Eric Montizambert 1921-1925), Rev. P. Steed (1925-1927), Rev. A. J. Bull (1928-1935), Rev. Canon F. H. Hincks (1935-1939), Rev. J. S. Smedley (1940-1950), Rev. S M. Craymer (1952-1957), Rev. Alvin J. Thomson (1957-?).


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Sous fonds is comprised of records documenting the activities at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church (Thunder Bay, Ont.). Includes minute books, Sunday School records, Bible class records, and other materials.

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Accrual 2009-189 transferred from Laurentian University Archives to Algoma University by Ken Hernden and Robin Isard in May 2009.

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