Are there moderators who review comments and posts before they're published?

No. We have a very small staff and as a result we don't have any dedicated moderators. We do look over the site from time to time randomly and will certainly take action if we notice in appropriate comments including, but not limited to removing the comments and/or the user themselves.

If you notice a comment or post that you think is abusive or just simply spam, please report it to the us by selecting "Report Abuse" (it's the last option in the list) on the Contact form.

Please go over the Terms of Service for specifics, particularly under the Conduct section for what constitutes abusive use of the site. It should be noted that differences of opinion don't constitute abuse.

Do I need an account to look at the information on the site?

No. All the content on the site, including comments are free to be viewed. None of the published content is secret.

What is CAPTCHA?

When you try to create an account, the last field you must fill in is called CAPTCHA. This field consists of some squiggly words or numbers and you're asked to type in what you see. The purpose of this is to ensure that an actual human is trying to register.

A computer trying to automatically sign up in order to spam the site users, can't actually interpret the squiggly words and so can't create an account.

What kinds of things can I do on this site?

The site is still new, and we haven't completely sorted out how we plan to use social media. Currently, it's possible to make comments on records, series and fonds (see How is the site organized? for more on fonds).

We hope to add forums and blogging in the near future.

We're also open to requests and interesting suggestions. Please contact us via the contact link at the top of the page to make some.

Why do I need to create an account to make comments?

If we allowed the world at large to comment on things without registering, we'd be exposing ourselves -- and our users -- to spammers.

In addition, we would like to help create a sense of community online and you can't have a community if everyone is anonymous.